Ever feel like someone is stealing your time???

By using one simple button to Start & Stop your time, easily control how your time flows, with just one tap.

But sometimes, you lose track of it.
Sometimes, time just slips away.

So, let’s get it back!
Calling for #help

Take shortcuts

Typing on phones - nobody got time for that! Use the new Shortcuts,
@ and #, to easily add projects and tags to your time entries.
Quickly enter what you’re doing and get back to doing it!
Take control of your time

Check your calendar

If you're a calendar buff, this one is for you. By linking your calendar to Toggl, you've made it possible to quickly add your calendar events as time entries by simply tapping on them. No more manual backtracking and adding all those meetings one by one.

Hey Siri, help me out!

Interested in taking your time tracking to a new level?
Try controlling your time with your voice! With Siri, you can now
quickly Start & Stop your entries, and access your Reports.
Looking for a hint

Suggestions for all

We can all use some help from time to time. With Suggestions, once you start typing, the app will start suggesting time entries for you right away, based on your habits and history. Highly useful when you have those Friday weekly report meetings that you just can’t avoid.

Your time is now back in Sync.

You’ve cracked the case in

Detailed reports

Use Reports for brief or super detailed summaries of your time entries and projects. Like with detective work, reports are a very important part of the process of discovering what is taking up your time, so use them often.

Time Saving features

  • Save time with a simple
    start & stop
  • Use Shortcuts @ and #
    to easily add
    projects and tags
  • Less typing, more tracking
    with Autocomplete
  • Sync & save your work
    all devices
  • Check out where you spend
    your time
    with Reports
  • Doing something often?
    are there to help

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Take control of your time