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Toggl is a triple threat of productivity tools that helps teams do their best work by being:

Toggl tools are effective

Automating soul-destroying admin so you can focus your head and heart on other stuff

Our story

Long ago and far away, in Estonia in the early 2000s, our co-founders ran a software consultancy.

As their clients and projects proliferated, so did their to-do lists. They kept wondering, "what should we budget for this project?” and “how long did we spend working on that again?" So, they created a time tracking tool. When clients wanted more insight into where time was spent, they’d give them a time report. Clients LOVED these reports. They started asking, "Hey...can we use the time-tracker too?" And Toggl Track was born.

Toggl’s motley crew of tools developed over time just like this.

We hit productivity roadblocks, as every company does. And when we couldn't find a tool to fix it for us, we built one ourselves. We used the tool internally and perfected it to the point where clients and partners loved it too. And so, our project planning and hiring tools Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire were born.

Toggl Tools: Created for teams, by teams who understand what you need to work.

Toggl's Tools

Work Smarter, Live Happier

We're proudly a fully remote company, with Togglers working from 40+ countries around the globe. And we’re on a mission to help teams work better from anywhere.

The Toggl Manifesto

Do your best work from anywhere

Doing your best work means being the master of your time. Whether from your desk, a cafe, the beach, or a van, we help you maintain your freedom while dominating your to-do list. So, where are we heading next?

Busy ≠ productive

Don't fill your 8 hours for the sake of it. Leave the mundane tasks behind and get more done in less time by focusing on what really matters.

Pick something and master it

Tools should be fit for purpose. We're led by laser-focused vision, and obsessively make it a reality. The result? World-class tools that solve the problems they were designed to solve, instead of trying to tackle a million things at once and getting nowhere.

Simplicity wins every time

You want a tool you'll actually use - something that slides organically into your life. Our tools are lightweight, value-packed, and so beautifully simple, your grandma could use them.

Adaptability beats one-size-fits-all

Everyone's work style is as unique as they are. Who are we to get in the way of that? Prescription is patronizing, so instead of telling you how to work, we built tools universal enough to add value to anyone's workflow.

Learn from other's experiences

Our tools grew out of our own experiences hitting productivity roadblocks. We've been refining them for over a decade to help you go from "uh-oh..." to "oh yes!".

Toggl Global

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