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The simplest time tracker to help you get things done.

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  • Advanced Features
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Boost productivityIncrease revenue

The simplest time tracker to help you get things done. Ideal for teams, freelancers & agencies.

  • Super simple time tracking

    Super simple time tracking

    Just push a button to start your timer - it’s that simple. Filling timesheets has never been closer to fun.

  • Flexible and powerful reporting

    Flexible and powerful reporting

    Toggl has tons of ways for breaking down your data and getting the info to you.

  • Works everywhere

    Works everywhere

    You can use Toggl on all your devices. The Toggl Button browser extension lets you track your time in 80+ online tools.

  • Win back your time

    Win back your time

    Get the big picture of where your hours are going, tweak your work and get more time for life.

  • Automate timesheet management

    Automate timesheet management

    Spend less time on collecting and checking timesheets & jump straight to what matters most - the data.

  • Actionable business intelligence

    Actionable business intelligence

    Get deep insight into how your business is doing, make informed decisions & get your business growing.

  • Get reports on your email

    Get reports on your email

    Schedule your reports straight to your email so you’ll get your insights where you need it, when you need it.

  • Get help any place, any time

    Get help any place, any time

    Toggl has a global network of certified consultants, ready to drop by to help you with anything from basic setup to advanced training (The Toggl Master program).