Productivity School Workshop: Technical Agile Hiring 101

Aired June 27, 2019

Hiring is a team effort. At least, it’s a lot easier when your entire team is on the hunt for those elusive technical superstars.

You want to find the best coders! Engineering masterminds! Technical geniuses! Problem-solvers with leadership skills and a can-do spirit! Easier said than done.

How do you introduce the quick and efficient pace of a software development team with the often-disorganized, muddled process of hiring a new recruit? You have to create a culture of agile hiring across your entire organization.

You want to bring all the teams in your company up-to-speed with agile systems for communicating and getting things done. How do you overcome the challenges of goal-setting for teams that work on a quarterly or yearly basis, when you often change your priorities from one hour to the next?

We spoke with technical minds and HR experts to develop a step-by-step process of getting out of the technical hiring rut, and enabling your organization to help recognize and bring in technical talent at a fast pace. You can read more about enabling your whole organization to hire technical superstars on our blog.

You can also catch the live replay of the workshop below.

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