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Time Tracking for Creative Agencies

Effortlessly discover how efficient and profitable your creative agency is.

Toggl for Creative Agencies:

  • Charge clients accurately with real-time tracking, custom billable rates, time rounding, and detailed reports.
  • Quote project prices easily with solid data to back your rates.
  • Time reports make it easy to track project completion and rapidly spot potential issues in your team’s workflow.
  • No learning curve: Get tracking with just one click. Auto-sync between Toggl web, mobile and desktop apps.
  • Integrates with popular online tools, such as Asana, Trello, Slack, Todoist and Jira.
Trusted by over 70,000+ teams, including:
  • Conde Nast uses Toggl
  • Carat uses Toggl
  • Google uses Toggl
  • Autodesk uses Toggl
  • Ogilvy uses Toggl

Looking to onboard a big team?

Toggl offers a free demo for 15+ teams to learn how to best use Toggl.

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Roguemark Studios increased team-wide reporting by 85% with Toggl.

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Features to help boost productivity, meet deadlines and get paid fairly for your work.

Toggl works on every platform

Flexible Time Tracking

Start tracking in your browser, stop the timer on your phone - all your time entries are synced between the phone apps, desktop apps, the Toggl Chrome extension and the website.

Toggl Mobile with Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Looking for an easier way to track time? Turn your calendar events into time entries with just one tap on Toggl’s mobile apps.

Time Tracking Reminders

Autotrackers and Reminders

Is your team forgetting to log their time? Don’t stress about it. We’ll send them a reminder if they’ve tracked less than their target hours. They can also set reminders for specific times or when they open their favorite apps.

Track billables for creative agencies

Billable & Non-Billable Rates

Assign unique billable rates to each client and discover how profitable your projects are.

Timesheets for creative agencies

Detailed Reporting

Get an in-depth look of the tracked time, use different filters to find exactly what you’re looking for, (bulk) edit your data, merge projects or export everything into PDF, CSV or Excel. Opportunities are endless.

Time and Project Alerts

Project Time Estimates & Alerts

Know when you need to increase client hours or cut your client loose. We'll alert you when you are at 50%, 75% or 100% of your time estimates.

Project Data

Archived Projects for Accurate Forecasting

Time entries in one place provide an easy-to-read overview of time spent on prior projects. Your data will help you confidently quote project prices to clients!

Time Audits with all time tracked by your team

Time Audits for Reports

Catch incorrect entries in your time reports that your clients don’t need to see – with just one click. This way, you do not need to waste time on getting your teammates to review their timesheets.

Toggl Time Entries

Toggl API

Need a custom solution? All free plans come with an API key which allows you to build your own Toggl implementations.

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Use Toggl with popular tools

Streamline your workflow by integrating Toggl with your choice of tools.
We have over a hundred integrations to choose from!

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“In comparing several time tracking tools, Toggl ended up being the clear winner. When trying to track the time I spend working on a project, it is imperative that the process of the logging the time is as frictionless as possible. Toggl did a great job.”

Brandon Z., Web Designer

“As a Web Designer, I use Toggl every single day to track absolutely everything. This allows me to show exactly how long it takes to accomplish certain types of projects and have a voice when it comes to unrealistic timelines. I recommend it to anyone ready to get organized!”

User Review from Capterra

“I love the nearly-to-zero time our team needed to learn how and why we need the tool. Now that I have Toggl, I can understand the balance between ‘project time’ vs. ‘learning time’ vs. ‘rest time’... and how to rescue some of this time.”

Manuel Barroso, Director of Digital Transformation